I want to use VSCode’s default font for OSX with various VSCode glyphs and icons inside of Neovim.


  1. Clone the Nerd Fonts repository.
git clone https://github.com/ryanoasis/nerd-fonts.git
  1. Install Fontforge.
brew install fontforge
  1. Install VSCode’s codicons into src/glyphs/codicons/ of the cloned Nerd Fonts repository.
curl -o src/glyphs/codicon.ttf -LO https://github.com/microsoft/vscode-codicons/raw/main/dist/codicon.ttf
  1. Checkout the feature/process-ttc branch.
git checkout feature/process-ttc

The font I want to patch is Menlo. Since it’s already installed in OSX, I can just use what’s already on my machine at /System/Library/Fonts/Menlo.ttc. As of writing this, Nerd Fonts doesn’t support patching .ttc files, however this branch (that hasn’t been merged yet) does.

  1. Patch the font.
fontforge -script ./font-patcher /System/Library/Fonts/Menlo.ttc --fontawesome --fontawesomeextension --fontlinux --octicons --powersymbols --pomicons --powerline --powerlineextra --material --weather --custom codicon.ttf --out ~/Desktop/menlo_patched

In this command I am using fontforge to call the font-patcher script, an executable in the Nerd Font repository. I then specify a bunch of different glyphs I want to include in my patched font including my custom codicon.ttf glyphs from VSCode.

Assuming all has gone well, I should have Menlo Nerd Font.ttc, my patched font, saved at ~/Desktop/menlo_patched!